Thursday, May 11, 2006

My Mom "The Best Cook"

Hi this is Bindu VijayaKumar and I am starting this blog to utilize my spare time instead of sitting in front of TV as couch potato, and end up putting that extra flab. This blog will cover all the aspects in kitchen. Like cooking (Mostly Indian Recipes), tips and tricks, Glossary, Cooking Terminology everything related to cooking.

I have always enjoyed cooking and am a great foodie, though many of my friends may not agree to this fact. Believe me, its cutting vegetables that I enjoy the most and can do it for hours at a stretch. Coming from a family where each and every member tries a hand at cooking, it’s more a joy of teamwork that goes in to cooking a recipe. My dad cooks some special recipes but only when mom is not around. My elder brother Siva is an innovative person and looks for something creative in his cooking, he can make even omelets taste great. My younger brother Biju helps my mom with grinding those masalas, cutting veggies and of late, has started to cook on his own, and he rocks. Having said that, my husband Vijay doesn’t stay behind in the race, he is a specialist in non vegetarian recipes. But then no prizes for guessing whose recipe tastes the best…Obviously, my AMMA's!

‘Viji’ as she is fondly known in our family circle is a wonderful person, an adorable mother, a caring wife, great cook and the list goes on. She cooks the food with so much of love, which she claims is the most important ingredient in her recipes, that one cannot resist to relish those delicacies. She has always loved to cook and to be a good host, that she seldom allows anyone who visits her, to leave without tasting her recipes. It’s a fact that all my friends, my brother’s friends and my dad’s, don’t miss an opportunity to relish the tasty food that she prepares. She being my guru in cooking, I have learnt a lot from her on cooking though, I don’t end up cooking as good as she does. It’s more of native kerala and tamilnadu delicacies that she prepares. Amma I really miss those wonderful recipes of yours and waiting to come down to Coimbatore to enjoy those tasty foods that you prepare.

After my marriage, moved to Kolkota and later to Bhubaneswar with my husband. Its here that I got a chance to learn Bengali and oriya recipes. Coincidentally my husband is also fondly known as 'Viji' in his family circle. He prefers to eat more south Indian dishes, still likes to try other Indian recipes too. He cooks once in a blue moon but ends up surprising me with those tasty non-vegetarian and crispy, deep-fried snacks that he prepares. I have to accept a fact here, that he is never demanding and encourages me to try out different recipes, with a dream to savor his taste buds some day. Which remains a dream till date. He too loves all those non vegetarian recipes that my amma prepares.

I will be posting recipes from different part of this subcontinent, especially kerala, tamilnadu, Andhra, Bengal and orissa.

Happy cooking. !


At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Biju said...

Dear Bins,

Its an Classic Blog..
I really cherish these gr8 moments we had in our life...
I would pray for a golden time like to happen again

Miss u..

At 1:05 AM, Blogger Bindu Vijayakumar said...

Yeh biju,

Missing u and all those happy times...with our family..

wish we get back those days..


At 12:57 PM, Blogger Aneetaa said...

Hey Bindu,
No arguments in the fact that your mom is the best cook and I had been very lucky to taste her lip-smacking recipies.
She is not only a Good Cook but also a very good host. Never would have anyone left hungry or half-filled from that home. I think of the crowd that used to be there and still she would serve all of them heartily.
She would really miss all of us and I really miss those Kadalai Kulambu, Pathiri of her

At 11:32 PM, Blogger Bindu Vijayakumar said...

Hey anee,

Thanks for those wonderful words...

Definitely she miss all of us. She eagerly waits for the day when we visit cook those tasty recipes and be the best host that she always has been.



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