Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Matthi vattichathu

This is a typical kerala fish recipe. I learnt this from my mother-in-law, this is one of her speciality.


  • 500 gms Matthi (Sardines)
  • ½ medium size raw mango (cut into small pieces)
  • 2-3 dry red chillies
  • 2 tsp Oil
  • Salt

To Grind

  • 10 shallots
  • 5-6 green chillies
  • 4-5 Garlic pods
  • ½ inch ginger
  • 20 curry leaves
  • ½ tsp turmeric
  • 1 cup grated coconut

Preparation Clean the fish and keep it aside. First grind the coconut into a coarse paste and then mix rest of the ingredients to grind and run the mixer for 10 seconds, need not grind to a fine paste.

Heat a pan and pour 2 tsp of oil, add the red chilli by splitting into two, sauté it until the colour changes. Now add the cut mango pieces, add salt and the ground paste. Stir it well and cook for 5 mins. Now add the fish and mix the masala well with the fish. Just add 2-3 spoons of water. Close with a lid and cook for another 10-15 minutes, until the fish is fully cooked. See that the fish does not overcook and break into pieces.

Matthi Vattichathu is ready to be served. Tip : You can use kokkam as an alternative for mango. Both tend to give the sour taste to the recipe. But kokkam gives an extra flavour especially for fish recipes. Any small fish variety can be used to make this recipe.


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