Thursday, May 11, 2006

India “Land of Spicy Cuisine”

India is a country of social contrasts and enormous ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity. For some tourists, India may be a land of snake charmers and Sadhus. This land is renowned for its colors, the warmth, the hospitality of a culture and tradition. Dance and music are essential ingredients. India is a place where the celebrations never end. What is unfailingly common and the joyous reason to celebrate is the various gastronomic and aesthetic delights that mark all such celebrations. Most Indian cuisines are related by similar usage of spices. Often, Indian cooking is distinguished by the use of a larger variety of vegetables than many other well-known cuisines. Within these recognisable similarities, there are an enormous variety of local styles.
I would be posting recipes mostly from my native state kerala (A beautiful scenic state, known as god’s own country) ponnani, its where my parents grew up. I simply cannot resist eating almost all recipes from this part of the world. The name kerala comes from the word ‘kera’ which means coconut, a land full of coconut trees, and that is the reason why coconut is a very important ingredient in all kerala recipes. The preferred medium of cooking is coconut oil. Fish is considered as sea vegetable here. Also is the land of spices, one can get the best of spices here. Puttu, appam, pathiri are some of the famous items here.
Tamil nadu (The state of temples), Coimbatore, that’s where I grew up with my brothers, my husband also belong to this place. Coimbatore is a city where I would love to be, at any time of the day. I have very pleasant memories related to this place. It’s a beautiful place with friendly people, good climate, good drinking water, shopping places and education institutes; you name it and will find it in this place. Tamil nadu is famous for its Idlis, dosas, sambhar and rasam. You have a number of hotels in Coimbatore where you can unleash your crave to eat good food. Among the Tamil cuisine chettinad style holds a special place in the taste buds of food lovers.
Bengal(monsoon-drenched east coast of India), Kolkota, called the city of joy is a very busy city. My husband was working there and I got a chance to stay there for a small stint. Maach(Fish) and bath(rice) forms the important part of the menu. I still remember waking up from bed by the whiff of frying fish from my neighborhood. They just can have it at any time of the day. Also famous in kolkota is Puchka, don’t miss them if you happen to visit kolkota. Another specialty of Bengal are the sweets, you cannot ask for a better place to cherish those Roshogollas and sandeshs .
Orissa(land of temples),is a land with rich social and cultural history, well known for its exquisite temples, enchanting natural resources, beautiful handicrafts and charming Sambalpuri Sarees. Bhubaneswar, its where we live now. The medium of cooking here is mustard oil. People over here need an excuse to be on the road, and nothing savours them the most than the roadside food stalls that are crowded with people who relish those puchkas, maida rolls, chowmen and vadas. These are the places I have been and have tasted various recipes, will add recipes from other regions in India also.


At 8:30 AM, Anonymous Sumi said...

Dear Bindu,
Your blog just blew me away.I am discovering new dimensions to you,my dear friend,that I have never known before.I am really amazed at this new side of yours.Well,your blog is great-no doubt abt it,but the info you have shared is better than great.It's fantabulous.Keep up the good work.I especially likes the kadala curry-I have been wanting to try it since ages & didn't have the recipe.Now that I do,I surely will make it soon.Once again,great JOB!!!!!!!

At 9:21 AM, Blogger Bindu Vijayakumar said...

Hey Sumi,

Thanks for those showers of praise yaar.
Your words surely encourages me and force me to put that extra effort to come up with more good recipes...

Dhank Q Sumi.


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